• Kevin L. Long

Do Your Due Diligence and Discourage Discrimination

I love the fact that life brings a variety of personalities and backgrounds to the table. I love that every person alive is different from the others. I look at diversity as a reason to celebrate the wonder of the human race.

I embrace differences instead of discriminating because I know we are all equal. I remind myself that we all breathe the same air and have the same mechanisms that drive us. Others are simply in different situations than me. They have a different kind of home, job opportunity or social background, and I am happy to connect with them in spite of our differences.

Maintaining relationships with people who experience different circumstances helps to keep me grounded. It helps me remember how blessed I am and reminds me to always be thankful for my blessings.

Embracing people who are different allows me to remain empathetic. It is easy for me to be kind to others when I allow myself to see and understand their position.

I am also encouraged to participate in outreach programs and give to the less fortunate. Today, I commit to discouraging discrimination. I demonstrate to others the beauty of bonding with those who live different lives than us. I strive to experience diversity in every aspect of my existence so I can be more appreciative of what I have and improve on areas where I am lacking. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. Do I participate in causes? 2. Is there more I can do to show kindness to others so they don’t feel left out? 3. Do I include my children when I am participating in outreach programs?

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